JOYLIWIN and AS precision machinery are family enterprises specializing in manufacturing and selling air compressors. compressor International Business company located in Pingshan, Shenzhen city, 400 square meters business area and the factory covers an area of 20000 square meters. It is located in Xunwu Shipai Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province. purchased land and plant construction by ourself, equipped with advanced compressor automatic processing equipment. the factory was completed and put into operation in December 2019. It is a non-standard intelligent air compressor production project, forming an annual production scale of 20000 screw air compressors, 40000 sets of host accessories and 30000 sets of compressed air post-treatment equipment. the factory has its own sheet metal (chassis) production line area, our company has its own drawings, and customers can customize the chassis color It aims to develop into a global air compressor OEM factory. Products include: power frequency permanent magnet frequency conversion screw air compressor, single-stage and two-stage compression screw machine, low-pressure screw machine, high-pressure laser cutting integrated machine, permanent magnet frequency conversion, permanent magnet frequency conversion screw fan, oil-free scroll machine, oil-water lubrication free twin-screw machine, post-treatment system explosion-proof air compressor and refrigeration dryer Adsorption dryer, modular cold dryer, precision filter, etc. Different voltages such as 110V220V380V415V440V dual voltages are selected for voltages in different countries. Power range 5.5kW to 355KW, Pressure ranges from 0.6bar to 30bar. Applied in electric power, spraying, food, metallurgy, petroleum, automobile, machinery, light industry, textile, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, precision electronics, chemical industry, medicine, papermaking, printing, gas, oil refining, packaging, glass, national defense, scientific research and other industries.

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Two stage permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor

Performance: variable frequency, low noise Horsepower: from10HP to 350HP Service: OEM and ODM Two-stage compression host The two-stage compression adopts equal pressure ratio to set the inter-stage pressure, so the compression ratio of each stage is lower than the single-stage compression ratio, which reduces the return leakage between the rotors and improves the volumetric efficiency and adiabatic efficiency. One-piece shaft structure for 7.5kw to 75kw The high-efficiency permanent magnet motor and the screw male rotor adopt a built-in integrated shaft direct connection structure, and the transmission efficiency is 100%. No gearbox, no belt, no loss of transmission efficiency. Superior energy-saving performance Equipped with a high-efficiency permanent magnet motor with excellent energy-saving performance. Especially at low frequency and low speed, it can still maintain high motor efficiency. The volume of the motor is small, generally about 1/3 of the volume of an ordinary motor.